Supreme Student Government

The Sagada NHS Supreme Student Government is the highest governing body of the entire studentry. It endeavors to develop the leadership skills and qualities of all student leaders within its scope and jurisdiction; strive to influence the studentry to be vigilantly aware of their basic rights as students and as a citizen of this country and the benefits and privileges that they ought to get or they are entitled as students of this school.

In general, the Supreme Student Government aims to influence and mold student leaders as well as mere students to be vigilant and active citizens in their respective community and to the country as a whole–that they will positively take part, and not to be passive in addressing problems and issues that substantially affects their community and our country as a whole.

The SSG has the following functions and responsibilities:

a. Formulate and recommend programs that will address relevant issues and concerns of the studentry.

b. Plan and implement policies and programs designed to protect and promote students’ rights and welfare;

c. Monitor and evaluate the students’ activities in the school and in the community;

d. Create committees necessary to address the needs of the students;

e. Make recommendations to school authorities regarding student matters, affairs and activities;

f. Serve as a representative of the studentry in voicing their opinions, suggestions and grievances;

g. Orient new students;

h. Assist in the coordination of all campus co-curricular organization and help out in organizing school activities, fund raising, camp, fieldtrips, school dance, prom nights, sports, school functions etc.

i. Promote good relations between other schools and the community as a whole;

j. Have such other powers and duties as the school authorities and the studentry may, from time to time, grant or delegate, consistent with stated principles, objectives and school policies;

k. Monitor and supervise the elections of Student Government Officers for the
succeeding school year; and

l. Turn-over financial assets, papers, documents, properties and other responsibilities to the incoming Student Government Officers.

The Supreme Student Government (SSG) coordinate their functions with the School Principal, Teacher In-charge, SSG Adviser and Head of student clubs and activities.